Monday, January 16, 2012

Screencasting: A Pillar of the Flipped Classroom

     This morning I presented during a technology workshop at our school about "screencasting." Over the past year, I've become a bit of a "screencast" junkie. I've made them for students, teachers and parents. I've made web page log in tutorials, math manipulative explanations, concept introductions and Holdiay Craft instructions (that last one is cinematic gold). Here's a little screencast mash-up that I made with Dragontape (the volume is a little weird in some spots because I've used different types of microphones over time). It also includes some professionals: Sal Khan and Vi Hart who have recently joined forces at the Khan Academy.

     Below is the slideshow that  accompanied my presentation, complete with helpful links and other fabulous information.

     Thank you to all of my patient participants, and I hope that you were able to take away some valuable information and tools from my presentation.

     Have you "flipped" your classroom yet? Do you want to "flip" your classroom? If so, what's your screencasting application of choice? Personally, I use Screencast-o-Matic. I don't know if it's the best, but it's the one I am most comfortable with. I even sprung for the PRO edition ($12). Their customer support is excellent as well.

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